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  • Ann Angus
  • Anushah
  • Amanda Atkins
  • David Atkins
  • Scarlet Atkins-Tyler
  • Gene Baldini
  • Adrian Beach
  • Bernard Berenson
  • Nicole Blau
  • Richard Boardman
  • Maya Boland
  • Genèviéve Bonieux
  • Maria Callas
  • Don Campbell
  • Paddy Campbell
  • Nick Caracciolo
  • Susan Chalkley
  • Daniel Cilia
  • Corinne Cowan
  • Daniel De'Angeli
  • Vivian de Kosinsky
  • John Dempsey
  • Peter Denzer
  • Simona Dolci*
  • Jean-Louis Dulaar
  • Marco Emo
  • Joan Fitzgerald
  • Harry Forbes
  • Chloe Fremantle
  • Christopher Fremantle
  • Richard Fremantle
  • Jack Friling
  • Maria Gamundi
  • Claire Gavronsky
  • Amanda George
  • Jory Glazener
  • Janis Goodwin
  • Aberdeen Goodwin
  • Daniel Graves
  • Julia Greenway
  • Patrick Hamilton
  • Herbert Handt
  • Herman Hesse
  • Larry Holmes
  • Jill Hooper
  • Jessica Houston
  • Harry Jackson
  • Luke Jackson
  • Charles Kapsner
  • Jeanine Luke Kenworthy
  • Yvonne La Palma
  • Jacques Lipchitz
  • Ben Long
  • Anna Lorimer
  • Marino Marini*
  • Ann Maury
  • Richard Maury
  • Igor Mitoraj
  • Henri Moore
  • Jane Moorman
  • Satoko Motouji
  • Earl Neiman
  • Susan Nevelson
  • Olga Ortegon
  • Nancy Peel
  • Jenny Power
  • Lily Prigioniero
  • David Pryce-Jones
  • Dennis Olsen
  • Viekoslav Vojo Radoicik
  • Geoffrey Rawlins
  • David Russell
  • Ramiro Sanchez
  • Christine Sapieha
  • Nick Sapieha
  • John Singer Sargent
  • Roz Savage
  • Marjorie Scaretti
  • Elise Schonhowd
  • Aart Schonk
  • James Scrase
  • Kasey Sealy
  • Richard Serrin
  • Rose Shakinovsky
  • Joseph Sheppard
  • Nerina Simi
  • Hans-Joachim Staude
  • Eva Steiner
  • Romano Stefanelli
  • Harman Sonne
  • Matthew Spender
  • Nadia Stancioff
  • Romano Stefanelli
  • Amy Sullivan
  • Don Sutphin
  • Rebecca Szeto
  • Jacqueline Taber
  • Lincoln Taber
  • Onerva Utrianen
  • Angela Voulgarelis
  • Melanie Vugich
  • Clifford West
  • Nelson White
  • Leeane Williams
  • Maya Einstein Winteler
  • Rob Wraith
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Laura Ziegler

The FFAST Collection Library also contains more than 400 books by foreigners who have worked in Tuscany.

Ann Angus is an English potter who lives and works in London, and in Cortona.
Gene Baldini is American from Baltimore. He lives and works at Bivigliano, near Florence.
Adrian Beach was a member of the Royal Academy in London, who would come often to Tuscany to paint.
Richard Boardman is English from Essex. He was a founder of the Fortman Studios in Florence in the 1960's. He still lives in Florence.
Don Campbell has lived and worked in or near Florence for many years. Originally he came from Kokomo, Indiana.
Nick Caracciolo was a painter from Dublin, with Neapolitan family. He worked in Tuscany in the 1970's and 80's until his untimely death in the Maremma.
Susyan Chalkle now lives and works in Baltimore. For some years she lived and worked in Tuscany, and in Umbria.
Daniel Cilia is Maltese. He has lived, worked and taught in Florence for 20 years.
Daniel De' Angeliis an Argentinian painter who trained in Mexico and in Italy. After some years in Florence he moved first to London, and then to Australia.
John Dempsey comes regularly from North Carolina, to Lucignano d'Arezzo to work.
Jean-Louis Dulaar lives at Uzès in France, and in Florida. His work in the Collection was done near Piazza d'Azeglio in Florence.
Chloe Fremantle is a painter in London. She lived throughout the 1970's in Florence.
Christopher Fremantle was an English painter and philosopher, who came to Tuscany to work.
Maria Gamundì is from Venezuela. She lives near Pietrasanta and casts at the Mariani foundry there.
Claire Gavronsky and Rose Shakinovsky live at Cerbaia south of Florence. They have conducted art workshops in that area for 20 years. They are from South Africa.
Amanda George is a photographer originally from New England. She now lives at Settignano.
Janis Goodman lives in Washington D.C., and teaches at the Corcoran. She brings students regularly to Tuscany to work.
Aberdeen Goodwin was an American from Detroit, who lived and worked in Florence in the 1960's.
Daniel Graves is an American who has lived in Florence for many years. He's the Founder and Director of the Florence Academy of Art.
Julia Greenway graduated in art from the University of Florence. She now lives and works in Boston.
Patrick Hamilton lived and taught art for many years in via Bentacordi, in Florence. He now lives in Salisbury.
Jessica Houston works and teaches in New Yrok City. She also lived in Florence for a long time, and returns regularly to work.
Harry Jackson was originally from Chicago, and Wyoming. As a painter, became part of the NewYork Abstract Expressionist movement, before living in Italy and turning to sculpture. For many years he ran a large studio and foundry near Pietrasanta.
Luke Jackson is an American painter who works in New York. He was born and raised in Tuscany, and returns regularly to his Tuscan roots.
Vivian de Kosinsky is Swiss. She worked in the 70's at Dennis Olsen's schoool of art in via Santa Reparata.
Jacques Lipchitz lived for many years at the Villa Bosio at Camaiore, and cast in the Vignali Foundry in Pietrasanta.
Ben Long assisted the painter Pietro Annigoni in Florence in the 1970's, and learned fresco technique from him. Now Long paints frescos in N. Carolina.
Richard Maury is an American painter. He has lived and worked in Florence for almost 50 years.
Jane Moorman is from California. For many years she has also lived and worked near Cortona.
Satoko Motouji lives in Portland, Oregon. She comes regularly to work and show in Tuscany, particularly in and near Siena.
Francesca Neiman is an American painter who was born and raised in Tuscany. She now works both in Tuscany and in New York.
Earl Neiman worked for years as a painter and sculptor in New York, before moving to Monteggiori, near Pietrasanta, where he met and married Maria Gamundì. Together, besides much sculpture and painting, they did many stained-glass windows for churches in the area.
Susan Nevelson worked as a designer with Ken Scott. She's probably lived and worked as a painter in Florence longer than any other living artist.
Dennis Olsen founded the Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence. He also teaches painting and print-making at the University of Texas.
Olga Ortegon is Colombian. She came to work at the Florence Academy of Art under Simona Dolci. She now works in Florida.
Nancy Peel attended Signorina Simi's studio-school in via Tripoli in Florence, in the 1970's. She now teaches in Connecticut, at Old Lyme.
Lily Prigioniero is a musician, a writer, a restorer of painting, a teacher, and a painter. Her parents were Italian immigrants to the US, and she has written about returning to live as an American in their country.
Geoffrey Rawlins is an English painter who lived in Florence in the 1970's.
David Russell is an English painter who lived 18 years in Florence, before moving to Paris, where he still lives.
Nick Sapieha was an American photographer who died young. He specialized in architectural photography for a Florentine publisher, Maria Teresa Train.
John S. Sargent was an American born in Florence in the 19th c. By the early years of the 20th c. he had become the foremost portrait painter of his day, and a great water-colorist. He worked for a time near Scandicci.
Roz Savage worked at the Lorenzo de' Medici School of Art, in via Faenza, in the 1980's. She now lives and works near Philadelphia.
Marjorie Scaretti was an English painter. She owned the Medici castle at Trebbio in the Mugello, and worked there for many years.
James Scrase was an English painter, a student of Nerina Simi in the via Tripoli in Florence. He's now a painter in Bristol in the West of England.
Elise Schonhowd is a Norweigian painter and sculptor. She lived, worked, and taught for many years in Florence, particularly at the Lorenzo de' Medici School.
Rose Shakinovsky has, together with Claire Gavronsky, annual workshops for professional painters in a vast studio complex near Cerbaia, south of Florence.
Harman Sonne is Danish, a sculptor and painter trained in Copenhagen. He's lived and worked in the via Santa Margherita a Montici, in Florence for more than 40 years.
Don Sutphin is an American painter and graphic artist. He is a New Englander, who has worked in Florence in the via Erta Canina for 50 years
Rebecca Szeto is a California artist from the San Francisco area, who lived and worked in Florence in the 1990's.
Lincoln Taber was an American painter and muralist who trained in Florence, and who specialized in trompe de l'oeil. He died tragically in London while still young.
Jacqueline Taber is an English painter, the widow of Lincoln Taber, who trained and worked for some time in Florence. She now lives and works in Essex and London.
Maja Einstein Winteler was the sister of Albert Einstein. She lived and worked in Florence in the late 1930's. The Collections pictures were exhibited in Palazzo Strozzi in the 1950's.
Onerva Utrianen is Finnish, a photographer who lived and worked in Florence in the 1980's.
Robbie Wraith was apprenticed to the portraitist and fresco painter Pietro Annigoni in the 1970's. He now lives and works in London.
Laura Ziegler is an American sculptor from Ohio, who has lived near Lucca for more than 30 years. She has many pieces in the Hirshhorn in Washington, and still keeps a studio in Pietrasanta.

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